This is definitely one of the hipster, boho, topanga, Venice beach Spots in Tulum. Founded by a famous chef in Santa Monica California who kind of invented and created coconut bacon.

Predominately a plant-based menu regime, with a little chicken and shrimp thrown for good measure. It’s a healthy Santa Monica twist on Mexican dishes don’t expect anything traditional here!

I enjoy their breakfast menu much more than their lunch menu. This is my fourth time here I will tell you the last three were far superior and I would deathly recommend keeping it as a breakfast spot on your vacation.

Avocado toast , vegan eggs Benedict etc.

On the other side if you were spectacular it’s a very laid-back beachy vibe and very much represent what to looms all about in terms of lifestyle quality of life and just overall feel good feeling.

It’s Located on the Sanara hotel property which has an amazing ocean front yoga studio I’ve been there several times and it’s one of my favorite spots.

Overall 3.5
Best dish vegan Benedict